FREEFLYING is a team parachuting discipline consisting of three athletes; two Freeflyers and a Cameraflyer. All Team members, fly in mostly vertical oriented body positions utilizing all four dimensions of their environment. The Cameraflyer records the performance with a helmet-mounted camcorder but also contributes to the performance interactively--and the team's overall score--through his or her own creative and athletic skills. Judges on the ground score the Team's video for 50% Technical and 50% Performance. Teams also earn bonus points for performing different routines. The Freefly Team's performance is judged for the first 40 seconds of their 40-60 second freefall that begins at 13,000'. Most Freefly teams average rate of descent is up to 50% faster than Skysurfing, in the 160-180 mph range, but can reach peak speeds of over 250 mph, making Freeflying the fastest human team sport in the world.


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