SKYSURFING is a team parachuting discipline, with each team consisting of two athletes; a Skysurfer and a Cameraflyer. The Skysurfer rides a specially designed skyboard during freefall, sliding, spinning, twisting and yes, surfing through the sky. The Cameraflyer records the performance with a helmet-mounted camcorder but also contributes to the performance interactively --and the team's overall score--through his or her own creative and athletic skills. Judges on the ground score the Team's video for 50% Technical and 50% Performance. Teams also earn bonus points for performing different routines. The Skysurf Team's performance begins as soon as they leave the plane at 13,000 feet. For the first 50 seconds of a 70 second freefall, they're "on," moving vertically at about 110-140 mph and horizontally at up to 50 mph, surfing the ultimate wave... the sky.


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